Thursday, September 3, 2009

Table Rehab

Seth's parents let us have this old table to use for the kids' computer.

It sat in the barn for I don't know how many decades and I really wish I'd have gotten a picture of it before Gale cleaned it off!
(thank you for doing that by the way!)
But, to give you an idea, add half an inch of dust and some bird poo and you've got a pretty good visual.

The first thing I did was to sand it down.

It didn't dawn on me until I was already half done that I was most likely sanding lead based paint.

...good thing lead based paint never hurt anyone...
umm, wait.
(that's complete sarcasm, in case you were wondering ;) )

After sanding was done, I secured the top to the legs a little better with a couple screws, repaired a leg that was a wee bit shorter than the rest and hammered in some nails that were poking out.

oh, and Rowan helped!

Then came the fun part!
I used the paint we had - mainly what came with the house.

Once it was dry (obviously) I hauled it upstairs to it's intended spot.
It's actually quite sturdy!

...once I had it in place, it dawned on me that the chair which goes with it, that I also need to repair and paint is at the old house. (yes, it really took that long before thinking that Breck might like to have a chair to sit on while at the computer!) So, until we are able to haul it home, Breck will have to use a folding chair.


  1. What a wonderful job! Perfect!

  2. You did a beautiful job with it!! I love how Breck is enjoying a yummy poptart in that first picture. Made me smile!


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