Monday, September 7, 2009

Our Labor Day Weekend

Guess who forgot to pack their camera.
So, unfortunately, this post will be photo-free.


The wedding Friday was lovely.
Simple, but elegant.
It was a night wedding and the lights were dimmed - candles provided the fill light.

The flowers were cream hydrangeas and roses with hints of deep pink. But the bridesmaid dresses were a deep muted purple. The bride's dress was cream, which I haven't seen very often... it had a very traditional/old feel to it, but maintained a modern style...very pretty!

After the "I Dos" was a kind of cocktail hour where all the guests mingled while enjoying o'dourves and drinks.

After a while, the wedding party made their entrance.
(the ceremony and reception were all in the same building)
And then we waiting even longer to go through their receiving line.

The reception was an after-dinner style in regards to food served. It was a few snacks and the cake...plenty for 9pm! After cutting the cake, which was a yummy white cake with hints of lemon, they had a slide show of childhood pictures.
(I personally like these - I think it lets you see people in a whole new way and maybe even learn a story or two that you didn't know before!)

Then it was time for the dance. Seth is certainly not fond of dancing, so we left as they were doing the snowball dance. :(


We have friends that own a bar downtown, so we headed over there after the wedding.
And just our luck - there was a heavy metal band playing! Ha!
(not exactly our taste in music, but it was...entertaining)


Saturday was the big game!

We started tailgating around 2pm and the game was at 6pm.

Since there were 4 tickets for 5 people, I stayed in the parking lot with Rowan for the first half, while Seth and Breck went in. At half everyone came out for drinks and snacks and I ended up taking Breck back in for the second half.

Bill Snyder is back in the saddle and this was his first game back. was the first time in KSU history that a season opening game has ever been sold out!

Although we won, there were still things that obviously need some work. But, these are young kids and it was the first game - I think it'll be a good season.

After the game there were fireworks. (and this is yet another time that I kicked myself for leaving the camera at home!) The kids enjoyed them, as did I, since there were some really neat ones and parts of the show were timed to music...pretty cool!!!


Sunday brought the fantasy football draft.

9 guys, 3 pizzas, 5 hours.

Seth got to draft 3rd and ended up with a pretty decent team. We'll see how the season goes...hoping for a win!

I only stayed for a couple hours and when I got back to Lorrie and Gale's we took the kids to the park/zoo. It's an awesome zoo for being a small town! And it's free, too - can't beat that!


Monday (today) it was time to head home.
But before we did that, we stopped at Great Grandma Lloyd's, then at the house in Manhattan, next was Great Grandma Taylor's and finally home.

...whew! It was a nice weekend, but it's nice to be home!

I hope you had a fun and safe long weekend!!!

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  1. Sounds like lots of fun!! You did great explaining it all with no pics!


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