Tuesday, September 1, 2009

One Scary "Mother"

This past Sunday night, Breck and I did some deals shopping at Walgreens.
The trip itself was rather uneventful - everything I went for was in stock, Breck was good, things went well.

As we were heading to the car (keep in mind it was dark) I couldn't find my keys. So, Breck and I hung out right in front of the store where the most light was and I dug through my bag, removing every. single. item. and eventually found them.

As I found the keys, an SUV pulled up right next to our car. The woman driver went into the store and the man in the passenger's seat stayed in the car. As Breck and I were walking to get into our car, the man - a grown man, possibly twice my size - hit the lock button. As if to signal that a young, average sized woman and her three year old (who looks like a two year old) were quite menacing and were very likely to car jack him. Or at least beat him up and take his money.

I had to laugh.


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