Sunday, September 27, 2009

Granny Squares Blanket: Still in Progress

I've finally had the drive/been able to sit down long enough to get quite a few squares done this week! I still have about 30 more to make, but that's getting pretty close considering I need 120!

I decided to divide the squares into their compartments (baby wipes containers) by color - oranges & browns, blues & purples, grays & greens, pinks & reds.

I'm working on them one tub at a time - there are 30 squares in each tub - it makes it much easier to just have one out and I get a strong sense of accomplishment when I fill a tub, which makes me want to keep going!

Today I finished my pinks & reds tub!

and I just love how they look when they're still circles!

Today I took some time for myself on the deck - about an hours worth!
I only got 4 squares done, but it does take about 15 minutes for me to finish one.

I find it easier to decide on my color combos when all the squares of one border color are laid out together - that way I don't have duplicates.

here's the view from our'd think we didn't have very close neighbors, but we do - aren't trees fantastic?!

It was actually a bit humid and hot this afternoon, but when the neighborhood dogs weren't talking to each other, it was very peaceful - there was a calm rustling of leaves and a few locusts chirping - almost Fall!

And how can a crocheting-relaxing-time-by-myself indulgence be complete without a Coke?!


  1. i can't WAIT to see the finished blanket....such a talent!

  2. They're looking good!!! And I agree...can't sit outside and do all that without a nutritious coke to go along. Yep. Gotta have it!!!

  3. Looking so forward to the final project!


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