Friday, September 25, 2009

Art Class: Painting & An Autumn Collage

Today during Rowan's nap, Breck painted!

He chose red as his theme this time...

painting is a very serious thing, you know.

so serious that it requires 4 brushes.

Breck titled this one

I think it looks a little like a monster...hmmm.

After painting, Breck wanted to do another craft so we pulled out our autumn tree collage!
(This was going to wait until our first week of Tot School, but we're not starting that yet for various reasons.)

(nothin' like collaging in whitey tighties!)

This one is titled
"A Tree"


  1. Love the tree. I found one on another site that I'm going to do with Ms. S next week.... here is the link...

  2. He did a great job on that tree. And he looks cute in his whitey tighties. My boys love being in just their underwear.


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