Saturday, August 8, 2009

Some Things I'll Miss...and Some I Won't.

The "Will be Missed" List:

1. My blackberry bush
I got it off of freecycle when it was just 3 pitiful looking twigs.
It took 2 years before I got any berries and it's grown into a very full and (when pruned) beautiful bush!

2. Our cul de sac and the neighbors on it
I love that the kids can run out the door and take their toys into the circle without worrying about being hit by a car! I will miss this a lot. The kids will miss this even more.
And for the most part, our neighbors are super friendly and we all get along really well.

3. The open floor plan
I love being able to cook in the kitchen and talk to Seth in the living room all at the same time!

4. My lovingly planted flowers
I planted nearly every single plant in our landscape myself. (yes, I had help with some things!) I moved so many plants so many times...and now that it's almost how I want it, we're leaving.

5. My SAHM Group
I think I will miss this the most!
I tend to be a very shy and not terribly outgoing person when placed in new surroundings, so it took me a while to find/make friends here. And the women I've met through this group are fantastic! They're funny, supportive, honest, frugal, crafty - all the things I could ask for and more!


The "Good Riddance" List:

1. Our oven
It is way too small.
It won't even fit one of my awesome cookie sheets that I got as a wedding shower gift...nearly 4 years ago!

2. Lack of square footage
If our house had a basement, all would be well.
We'd have enough room to extend our living space and ample room for storage, alas we are on a slab.


  1. You have a blackberry bush? Or rather, had. My mother would love that! Can you really grow them in your yard... off to find out if I can...

  2. We have TONS of blackberries here at our house. I love them EXCEPT for the thorns that will tear you up.


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