Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rainy Days

Does it ever not rain here?!

Saturday - Only by the grace of God was it sunny for us to unload the truck. Then after dinner it rained.
Sunday - I'm pretty sure it rained. It feels like so long ago!
Monday - Rained on and off.
Tuesday - Rained at some point, but again it feels like so long ago!
Wednesday - Rained in the morning, afternoon and night.

Back at "old" home we were lucky if we had 2 days with rain in the same week, let alone consecutive! Isn't it amazing how different a climate can be just 2 hours East?!

I suppose it's just as well that it be rainy. There's still unpacking and organizing that must be done and we wouldn't be outside much anyway...

Maybe I should pretend we're in London and make us some "British" treats!?
Perhaps "biscuits" are in our near future...


  1. Nothing like some good ole rain huh??!! Hopefully it will slow down some so y'all can get out and enjoy your new area.

  2. Sorry about so much rain!


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