Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Perfect Potty Training Day!

I must, must, must brag on Breck!

He has had a 100% A+++ perfect day of potty training!

He woke up dry,
went potty first thing after waking up,
went #2 in the potty (and then dumped it into the regular potty by himself),
no accidents,
went potty at a store (I took a chance and left him in his big boy undies for our shopping excursion),
took a nap and woke up dry,
went in the potty all evening and night with no accidents!

I am soooo proud of him!
And I wanted to share.


  1. Bragger....ha ha. Very cool for Breck. Glad he is doing soo goood. Keep it up Breck!

  2. Way to go Breck!!!!! That is definitely someting to brag about!

  3. Wooo Hoooo Breck!!! Way to go buddy!!


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