Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day's Half Done!

Whoa...today is already half over.
I can hardly believe it.
In 23 hours we'll be leaving for KC!

This morning the kids woke up about an hour earlier than I really wanted, so it took Mommy a while to wake up.
(and I have no coffee in the house right now..well, I do...but I've become a coffee-snob and refuse to drink it without my yummy creamer.)

Once we got around, we headed to the storage unit to fill out our notice of vacancy form. Then to Staples where they were out of the great free-after-rebate items in their ad. (Boo.) And finally we stopped at Dillons for some grocery shopping ($3.50 diapers - hello!) and to fill up with gas.
(yesterday I only got enough gas to get us to the farm and back.)

Now we're home and did a little more work to clean out the fridge.
(aka: had leftovers for lunch)

See, it's really looking bare now!
I'm starting to feel like I'm on the show Chopped!

Hmm...lettuce, various cheeses, half an onion, leftover grilled chicken, milk and queso dip.
What can I make with that?!

I also called and got our phone, cable and internet set up.
(We weren't going to have a land line, but it was only $2.50 (plus taxes) more than the package with only cable and internet. Plus we get a free dvr and a faster internet connection with the 3-item package.)
But, all that won't be set up until next Tuesday...so here's your warning that I won't have internet access from Saturday to Tuesday morning!

...maybe I'll schedule something to post on those days for you...
any requests???


  1. Down to the hours now!! Woo hoo!!!

    You must be chomping at the bits for sure!

  2. Wow! So close... praying everything falls into place!


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