Monday, July 13, 2009

Some Miscellaneous Pics From the Last Few Days

I saw this guy on my way back from KC last week and had my camera with me. As I approached (going about 75 mph, btw) I tried to get a shot of him, but I missed with my first shot, so I held the camera out the window and guessed where he was behind me! Lucky guess. I wish I'd have had time/room to stop and also that I had a good camera with a great zoom lens, 'cause I think there was potential for a really neat shot here. Oh well.

Breck talking to Daddy on the phone. He drug his naughty chair out from the corner to sit in the middle of the room to chat! (oh, and that band-aid on his arm is covering up the yucky ringworm.)

This little fella hitched a ride on the strainer from picking blackberries!

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  1. Love that last picture!!! That little dud has some whiskers!!

    Poor Breck and that ringworm. It can be such a pain.


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