Tuesday, July 28, 2009

House Selling Update

Um, no, we haven't sold it.

But we did have a vandal rip the info tube off our sign early Monday morning!
(we're pretty convinced it was an adult...probably on their way to work. I highly doubt the hoodlum kids down the street would be up at 6am and they would have taken the whole sign. They're pretty lazy.) And as a bonus, that very forceful removal of the tube caused our whole sign to fall apart.

But, it's just as well. We move in 2 weeks and don't want the hassle of trying to sell and show our home when we live 2+ hours away. So, we're going through a realtor here in town.

The plus side is that through USAA (with whom we have our auto insurance) we will receive nearly $1,000 back as a perk - it's a free program they have as a benefit to their customers. Although, it's not much after the $10,000 in fees we'll be paying to realtors. (grr, fees!)

So, that's where we are with that.

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