Friday, July 31, 2009

Breck Says the Darndest Things

At Breck's 3rd birthday party, he was given a singing Spongebob card. Both he and Rowan loved it! They loved it so much, that they wore the battery out. And apparently threw it under Breck's bed. The other day, I fished out a bunch of toys from under the bed, including that card.

Breck brought me the card and said: "Mommy, will you fix it?"
Me: "It's broken, honey. The battery is dead, so it's all done."
Breck: "Oh. Grandpa (Lloyd) will fix it!"


  1. HA HA HA!!! I couldn't help but laugh at this one because that is soooo how my kiddos believe. Paw Paw can fix anything!!! Too cute!!

  2. Yep....PawPaw can fix anything!! Love it!


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