Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rowan is Eleven Months!

Here are some highlights of Rowan at 11 months:
  • getting closer to walking, but not yet
  • has more hair and it would probably fit in a bow if we had any
  • still no teeth, but I think she's working on them
  • has to touch all food that goes into her mouth!
  • likes to eat dirt and egg rolls
  • still wakes up about two times every night
  • weighs 21.5 lbs!
  • likes to put toys in buckets
Just one more month until the big ONE!


  1. what great shots...I love the top right one

  2. those are precious!

  3. How awesome these are. No teeth?? I was never so lucky!! Mine got theirs at 6 months.

  4. She is growing up so fast. I just want to pinch her cheeks! Every time I see Rowan's pictures it makes me wish Little Bear was just a little bit younger. True, she is only 16 months but still...I miss the younger days.

    P.S. I might have left you a little bloggy award over at my blog. ;)


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