Friday, May 1, 2009

Restoring Order: Kitchen Cabinets, Counters and Laundry Cabinet

This week my focus started with the kitchen counters - mainly removing all the things that we don't need to be out. My goal was to have only the coffee maker, spice rack, utensil basket and over-the-sink plant stand remaining. I had to find a new home for everything else - which was a HUGE challenge, since we are so limited on space. (or perhaps it's that we I have so much junk that I just can't seem to let go of!)

But, in order to clear the counter, I needed to rearrange the contents of the cabinets (and a drawer), so everything would fit! Here are the before and afters of the cabinets:

(I know these aren't very impressive, but we had our tupperware in two different places and now it's all in one, the blender was a pain to get in and out of the cabinet and now it's not, and now all of our rarely used small appliances are in a separate cabinet (not shown) instead of sitting on top of the cabinets.)

Then I was able to finish clearing the counter of random clutter:

I think the cleaning bug bit me pretty hard, because I also cleaned and organized the laundry cabinet:

For next week, I'm hoping we get the kitchen and living room completely painted, I want to organize under the kitchen sink and the space around the microwave needs an intervention!


This week Rebecca is hosting the Restoring Order meme. Visit her to see everyone else's decluttering problems solved!


  1. Great job! Isn't it so much nicer to cook in the kitchen when it is less cluttered.

  2. Looks good! I agree that it can be a pain to have to move appliances in and out of storage to use them!


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