Sunday, May 24, 2009

Making Progress

Holy mackerel, I never knew how much work we'd have to do before listing our house for sale! It's not that there are very major things that need fixed, it's mainly upgrading, fixing small things and general touch-ups.

Here are a few things we've done (or are in the process of doing):

Front porch

We needed some entry appeal, so I scrubbed the walls and floor, my Mom and sister washed the windows and screens, my Dad put together the bistro set for us (and hauled it from the store), we bought two big hanging fuchsias, and a while ago I painted the house numbers and the door handle.


It was looking pretty ratty, so for this, I picked up all the horrid lava rock, pulled the weeds and thinned the yuccas down to three larger plants, then put down newspaper and mulched. Two Christmases ago, my Mom and Kepler (stepdad) bought us this mailbox, which replaced the peeling-paint, standard ugly mailbox.

Back landscaping

All of this is new. Last month we went to a b-day party for our backyard neighbor's daughter and saw just how pitiful and blah our backyard looked! Gale and Seth put in the brick last week, and my Mom, Amanda (sister) and I transplanted daylilies and the yellow-green plants, then Lorrie (Seth's mom) helped with the mulching.


Thanks to our old fridge, we had a few spots that had been scraped up on the linoleum. And because of those unsightly things, we had to replace the floor. We decided to tile it ourselves, so Seth and my Dad did most of the work on that. Today Seth and I scraped up the thin set from the tiles, and tomorrow Seth's friend, Luke, is coming to help grout and also helped get us started on the tiling.

Living room

We painted over the country blue with a neutral cream. We de-cluttered the mantel and Gale hung our mirror vertically instead of on the horizontal, as I had it before. (that Wildcat box will be removed and please disregard our messes.) We moved the couches to face each other and put the coffee table back in the room to create a more conversational atmosphere. Oh, and the tv is blocking the fireplace, but it will go to storage right before we show the house.

Other odd jobs that our helpers completed were: dusting, window washing, picture hanging, Gale fixed our bathroom towel rack that was poorly attached to the wall (it ripped out of the wall when I put a towel on it!), and I know more things were done that I just can't remember!

Thanks to all our helpers this weekend!!! We really appreciate all the work you put into a home that isn't yours!

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