Monday, April 20, 2009

Score at the Dollar Store!

I actually got these last Tuesday....before "the news."

I'd been wanting to make Breck an apron, but when I saw that the dollar store had cute little kid aprons, I figured it'd not only cost less to buy it, but would also save me a lot of time. (and probably some cussing) And I couldn't buy just one, 'cause Rowan will be old enough for one all too soon and our store changes their merch rather frequently. (or at least more often than I shop there)

I also saw fairy wings and a little tutu to go with it, and being in the plan-ahead-for-Rowan mode, I thought it would be a very inexpensive and cute Halloween outfit for 2010! When we got home, Breck really wanted to wear the wings, so I got them out and put them on him and he ran around saying:

"Look at me, I'm a pretty butterfly!"

And then it dawned on me that those wings would make two Halloween outfits for Rowan: one fairy (just need to find a cheap wand) and one butterfly! I figure I can dress her all in black, put on the wings and get one of those antennae headbands! So, for about $4 total (assuming I spend no more than $2 on the other two items) she has two costumes!


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