Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Scare Today

Today we went to Easter with the Taylors and towards the end, right after half the people were gone, Breck decided, without asking or telling, that he would wander off. Seth thought he was in the basement playing and I thought he was outside with someone, so neither of us worried too much when he wasn't right there. Once we realized he was missing, everyone quickly dispersed outside for a boy hunt!

There's a park right behind Grandma's house, so I thought I'd better check there first. And there, wandering alone in the parking lot crying, was our poor little boy. Whew!

Much later this evening, Seth had a Q&A session with Breck to find out what happened. Here's a little bit of the conversation:

Seth: "How did you get to the parking lot? Did you go on a sidewalk or on grass?"
Breck: "I went on grass."

Seth: "Were you there a long time?"
Breck: "No, not a long time."

Seth: "Did you know how to get back to Grandma's?"
Breck: "No, I was lost!

Me: "Were you scared?"
Breck: "Yes, I scared!"

Seth: "Did you crawl through a bush?"
(when I found him, his hands and face had dirt on them...more than normal, anyway!)
Breck: "Yes."
(and then he muttered something about worms!)

Seth: "Did you go to the park or to find worms?"
Breck: "To find worms."

Seth: "Did you find any?"
Breck: "No."


  1. Oh my. What a scare! Praise God y'all found him as quickly as you did!!

  2. So glad that everything turned out fine. Thank you Lord.


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