Thursday, April 30, 2009

Make Your Own Tortillas! (Includes cost per tortilla)

The other day, I noticed one of the blogs in my food blogroll had a post on how to make your own tortillas. I've been wanting to try it out and when I saw the video tutorial, I knew it could be done - easily, quickly and cheaply!

But how cheaply, I didn't know. So, I figured it up and here's the answer:

(When I made mine, I cut the recipe in half since I'm the only one who likes soft shells. I got 2 large tortillas out of it.)

Flour Tortillas
2 c. flour (Kroger brand all-purpose flour, 5lb bag @ $1.99) $0.22

½ tsp. salt (Kroger brand table salt, 26oz can @ $0.59) $0.00 (the amount used is so small and salt is so cheap that it ends up costing fractions of a penny for 1/2 tsp.)

heaping ¼ tsp. baking powder (Kroger brand, 10oz can @ $0.99) $0.00 (again, the amount used is so small and baking powder is so cheap that it ends up costing half a penny for 1/4 tsp.)

¼ c. oil (Kroger brand vegetable oil, 1 gallon jug @ $6.39) $0.10

2/3 c. hot water (tap) $0.00

Total ingredient cost: $0.32

Yield is approx 5 tortillas, so the cost per shell is $0.06!

The cheapest I've seen store bought tortillas is a 10ct bag for $0.99 at Aldi's ($0.10/tortilla). I've never bought that kind, so I can't vouch for the quality. Mission tortillas cost $3.29 for an 8ct bag ($0.41/tortilla).


  1. the Aldi ones out on the shelves are gross... rubber city!

    I'll have to try this!


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