Saturday, April 18, 2009

Get Fit: Week 3.4

Week 3, Day 4

Exercise: none

Water (12oz glasses): 3

Breakfast: coffee (80) - there was no time for breakfast since we did the garage sale this morning!

Morning Snack: True Delights bar (140) - this was supposed to be breakfast, and I finally got to it around 10am!

Lunch: 2 soft rolls with butter (400)

Afternoon Snack(s): Ritz (80)

Dinner: Slumgullion (300)

Nighttime Snack: malt (600)



  1. I love your blog. I do have a comment on your diet. Where are the fruits and vegetables? Skip all the bars and stuff and go for the vegetables fruits.

  2. You bring up a pretty good point. I hadn't really noticed the lack of fruits and veggies until you pointed it out.

    We tend to cut back on the fresh veggies a lot out of garden season. And I eat a lot of bars because that's what we have on hand! ;)


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