Friday, April 3, 2009

Get Fit: Week 1.3

Week 1, Day 3

Wow, I feel one word: sore! My legs, stomach and back all felt the burn this morning! My arms, however, are just fine thanks to a chunky little lady who likes being held. ;)

Yesterday I was hungry the whole day (except after finishing Breck's lunch in addition to my own!) ...I wonder how many calories I was consuming before I started keeping track?! Maybe I don't want to know.

25 minutes (Strength training - Biggest Loser DVD) (-75)
40 minute walk, pushing both kids in the stroller (-131)

Cokes: 0
Water (12oz glasses): 5

Breakfast: Cocoa Wheats (300), 2 ibuprofen :)

Morning Snack: none

Lunch: potato soup (450), tuna sandwich (355)

Afternoon Snack: 2 choc chip cookies (180)

Dinner: Egg Casserole (~500), pb sandwich crust from Breck's leftover dinner (~75)

Nighttime Snack: 8oz wine (190) and sharp cheese (220), 2 soft rolls (287)


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