Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Get Fit: Week 1.1

I've debated posting about my exercise/weight loss progress (or lack of) for a while, but just didn't think it was anything pertinent to the blog or anything anyone would want to read. Now I've decided that blogging about my progress will force me to step it up! Mexico is only 8 weeks away and this body is nowhere near beach-ready! So, I'll be posting my daily progress. Feel free to not read these posts.

Exercise: 25 minutes (Strength training - Biggest Loser DVD) (-75)

Cokes: 0

Water (8oz glasses): 4

Breakfast: Cheerios (160), coffee (170)

Morning Snack: True Delights granola bar (140)

Lunch: Chili (350), 2 cresent rolls (220)

Afternoon Snack: 3 choc chip cookies (270), coffee (170)

Dinner: Slumgullion (300), beets (30)

Nighttime Snack: none

Total: 1735

Staring weight: 131 (evening weigh-in)

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