Monday, March 30, 2009

Our Iowa Weekend

As most of you already know, the kids and I went to Iowa (where my family is) while Seth went to Vegas for the weekend.

We dropped Seth off at the airport and made our way north. And, just like clockwork, our trip took a bad turn once we hit Iowa. It happens every trip - last time Rowan screamed from the Iowa border to our destination. The time before that there was bad weather....usually it's a weather related thing. However, for this trip, a sore throat hit me like a kick to the head....right around the Iowa boarder. (I think our personal acronym for Iowa should be Illness, Obnoxiousness or Weather Atrocities)

We finally made it to my mom's around 9:30pm and since the kids were excellent on the trip up, by sleeping most of the way, they weren't the least bit tired when we got there! So, we all stayed up and watched some of the NCAA tourney games. We finally headed for bed around 11:30pm! (3 hours later than normal for the kiddos)

Friday morning we made a quick pit stop at my mom's place of work. (because what good is having your only grandkids visit if you can't show them off to everyone in town!) Then we went to my grandparents' house. They're watching my little cousin, so Breck was excited to have another boy to play with!

They played Lincoln Logs, posed for a few pictures, snuck Hershey's Kisses after lunch and ate them in secret, and Rowan even got in on a short game of tackle Reece!

The boys went outside for a little bit, too. I certainly do not miss Iowa weather! Brrrr!

Breck decided to be adventurous and tried two "new" foods: an oatmeal cream pie and mashed potatoes. (he used to eat potatoes, but hasn't for a long time)

Friday afternoon/evening we stayed at my dad's. Breck and Uncle Ethan had a stuffed animal fight!

I had planned to take the kids to a playdate with one of my girlfriend from high school (whom I never get to see - something always comes up when we do make plans, it seems) and this time, I thought I'd better cancel, since I had a sore throat and stuffy head, Breck had a cough and a super runny nose and Rowan was following closely in suit. Instead, we hung out at my dad's a bit longer - Rowan took a nap and I lounged around!

Saturday afternoon, we stopped at my other grandma's and ate lunch with her. I should have gotten a video of Breck with her dog, was pretty cute! Breck got to tell the dog what to do and I think he rather enoyed being boss for a change!

Then Saturday evening we went to a chicken noodle dinner at a small country church near my mom's. Breck, of course, didn't eat anything because there was nothing he wanted - except for a blue glob of jello with an "apple" in it, which was really a pear...and it was being eaten by someone else! He just couldn't wrap his head around those facts and threw a fit.

Saturday night we spent at my mom's and Breck played with the M&M firetruck for a good amount of our time there, and punched the musical balloon a few times, too.

And my sister (aka: Aunt Amanda) came up for a couple days, too. She was kind enough to take a picture of me and the kids. (although, it's better of me and not so much either kid!)

We hightailed it back Sunday morning to pick Seth up at the airport and finally made it home around 2pm. He's sick with the same crud, too! But, it sounds like he had a good time, although he left his million dollars worth of winnings in Vegas...maybe next time?!

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