Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentine's Craft #2 (How-To & Final Product)


*various Valentine's-ey paper
*textured paper (optional - mine are leftovers from my freshman year in college....yikes....that was almost a decade ago!)
*foam board (or something to use as a spacer)
*d-ring (or something similar - a thin cut ring from a paper towel tube would also work)
*the "usuals" - scissors, pen, glue (I highly recommend spray adhesive...see that dark line running down my ribbon? That's Elmer's glue - not my best idea.)


Make a bunch of hearts. The old fashioned, fold-your-paper-in-half way is what I did. (unless you really don't want a crease down the middle, in which case you can make a template to trace around.) Make your hearts various sizes and styles. Stack them on top of each other, use spacers for some and none for others. Mix and match to what you think looks pleasing!

To make the decoration I have pictured, slide a d-ring onto the ribbon, make a loop in the top of your ribbon by simply folding over the end and gluing the ribbon to itself, making sure that your d-ring is inside the loop - since this is how it will be hung! Then, glue your hearts in a row onto your ribbon. Let dry and keep out of reach of small children and husbands. (or maybe that's just for my house!)

And if you run into the too-floppy problem, here's a quick fix:
Cut a strip of cardboard and glue it to the back! No more floppiness!
(I used a box that one of my free samples came in)

You could also:
1. Make a heart-shaped wreath by gluing all your hearts together
2. Make your own Valentine's cards by add these to a folded piece of card stock
3. Create a heart bouquet by gluing each heart to a stick and arranging in a vase
....the possibilities are endless!

If you make any of these, I'd love to see them! - just shoot me an email or leave the link in the comments.


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  1. Your valentine display looks so cute! Love how you have used different textured paper - very effective.


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