Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sunflower Showdown

We got to the game insanely adequately early in order to catch a few pre-game highlights. Here are the boys dunking a few (a sight I was pretty sure we wouldn't see during the game)

and Billy "Popcorn" Walker graced us all with his presence, along with Blake Young.

I got a picture of this since I think it looks neat:

Let me explain for those who don't know. At every basketball game, the students all "pretend" to be reading newspapers while the other team is being announced and whatnot. When it's time for the Cats' line-up, the students rip up the newspaper and throw it in the air like confetti, as seen here.

Here were my favorite signs:


Sherron Collins is one of the stars for KU - and last summer he committed a lewd act while in an elevator.

here was the highlight of the game:

which was unfortunately short lived.

and after the game, Tammy spotted an undercover Jawhawker:

(notice the shirt is on backwards!)

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