Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our CD Fish

Remember a few days ago when I told you about recycling those TaxCut CDs? (although it works for any unwanted CDs....we just happen to have a bunch of tax software mailed to us.) Well, yesterday 'we' made the fish!

Materials Needed:
Colored Paper
2 CDs
scissors, paper punch
buttons or google eyes

I cut out all the required parts:
2 top fins, 1 bottom fin, 2 side fins, a tail, and the mouth.

Then I cut/punched out some details to give it a little pizazz!:
(2) outline for the mouth, (2) stripe for the top fin, paper punched circles for the tail, and buttons for the eyes.

Then we glued on all the parts to the printed side of the CD and added our string, which we sandwiched between the two top fins. (Breck was eager to glue on the side fin!)

Now glue the other CD, printed side down, to the first CD. After that dries, add your side fins and eyes!

(I don't recommend this craft for kids with short attention spans - like mine. I ended up doing pretty much all of it myself.)

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