Monday, February 16, 2009

My First Quilt: Opinions Needed!

Hi! I need some help - well, opinions - and I know everyone has one! :)

So, here's my dilemma: should I quilt on the black blocks or leave them alone? I stitched along all the straight seams and did free motion stitching on the boarder. Part of me thinks that if I did some quilting on the black blocks that it'd be too much, but then another part of me says go for it! But then I run into the problem of what to stitch on it - more free motion or a small pattern of some sort?


  1. I think you should do something in the black blocks. Maybe since you have wavy lines in the pink do something more straight like a just a simple box or a couple boxes within each other. I don't know any of the quilting terms... I would do the same in all squares though. I think the quilt is cute!

  2. I quilt all the time and if this was my project I would have quilted all the squares in...You can stop and hop over the the dragonfly wings.

    You can also hand quilt each bug!

  3. If you do quilt on the black spots, maybe do something a little smaller?


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