Friday, November 14, 2008

My Husband Rocks!

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Eight months ago my wedding ring was flushed down the toilet. (the two year old culprit shall remain nameless) Seth wasn't mad, nor has he ever once brought up my negligence of my beautiful and expensive ring. ....Then about 2 weeks ago, without me knowing, he called the insurance company and got our replacement check! (now we just have to go get a new ring!), Seth rocks because he 1) he's very patient and forgiving, 2) he didn't ask me to call the insurance company, and 3) he's a genius and had the ring insured separate from the house!

Thanks to Katy Lin over at The Great Adventure for starting the My Husband Rocks meme!


  1. Oh dear! My hubby has yet to get insurance on my rings!
    Happy shopping, it's exciting looking at the bling, bling!!!


  2. Fantastic! What a great Hubby! BTW, I LOVE your blog's background!


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