Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dillons Mega Event Steals! ...I mean deals.

Wowza! It's been a WHILE since I got any sweet bargains! But it was nice having a break!! This is the week to start back up, and since someone asked me a while ago if I'd post my deals before Saturday, so they could get in on the action too, I'm gonna go back to posting as I get them. But, each store will have only one post per week and I'll add to it as the week progresses.

Now onto the savings!!!

For all my fellow Kansans, in case you weren't aware, Dillons is having their 10 Item Mega Event this week! (and rumored to be on again the week after!) The deal is buy 10 items that are included in the sale and get $5 off. There's a limit of 3 deals per transaction, so 30 items.


(8) Welch's 100% Juice
(3) Blue Bonnet stick butter
(2) Tyson chicken breast packs
(1) Breyers ice cream
(1) Bic disp. razors
(1) Kroger shrimp

Pre-Coupon Subtotal: $43.67
After-Coupon Subtotal:
Tax: $3.15



I did two transactions today and here they are:

(15) Powerade
(14) Swiss Miss
(1) Pancake syrup

Pre-Coupon Subtotal: $30.35
After-Coupon Subtotal:
Tax: $1.87

(3) Welch's 100% Grape Juice
(5) Hunts tomato products
(2) Carnation Evap. Milk
(1) Swiss Miss
(1) Pillsbury Toaster Strudels (not pictured...they were being eaten!)
(1) Duncan Hines frosting
(1) Duncan Hines Carrot Cake (free after rebate)
(1) Colgate toothpaste
(1) Orville Redenbacher popcorn

Pre-Coupon Subtotal: $43.69
After-Coupon Subtotal:
Rebate: $2.19
$14.47 - $2.19 rebate = $12.28


And here's my quick run the other night (not part of the Mega Event) that cost me a whopping $0.14! (all of which is tax) :D

I plan on doing many more trans. throughout the sales week (our ads run Wed - Tues), so check back for another dose of grocery-envy! (...mostly kidding... ;) )

Oh, and if you want to know what coupons I used, just ask and I'll type 'em up!

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