Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thrifty Green Thursday

Reusing Baby Wipes Containers

Here's a long list of ways you can reuse those baby wipes containers, complied mostly from Vicky's Deals:

  1. store dryer sheets
  2. store craft supplies
  3. first aid kit
  4. emergency kit for your car
  5. plastic bag holder
  6. yarn storage - pull yarn through pop-up top when knitting/crocheting
  7. remove lids and use as storage baskets in drawers
  8. store puzzles
  9. store clothespins
  10. toiletry carry-all for vacations
  11. storage/carry case for small toys (Hot Wheels, Little People, etc)
  12. child's sock 'drawer'
  13. kid shoe box
  14. craft project kits
  15. coupon organizer
  16. recipe box
  17. storage for hair accessories
  18. safe storage for keepsake ornaments
  19. condiment packet container for camping
  20. store cookie cutters
  21. baby food 'on-the-go' meal kit
  22. sewing notions
  23. organizers for free samples
  24. decorate and refill with homemade wipes
  25. photo storage
  26. stationary kit
  27. store Coke, Pepsi, Pampers codes, etc
  28. piggy bank
  29. storage for rags
  30. building blocks
What other uses can you think of?
(I know...bad Katie...ending on a preposition!)

For more thrifty green ideas, head on over to Green Baby Guide for


  1. First of all, Katie, I'd like to assure you that you did not end with a preposition. "Think of" is a verbal phrase. In this case, "of" does not function as a preposition. I could go on (another verbal phrase!), but perhaps I won't. . . .

    Anyway, baby wipe containers! Those are great uses for them. We bought just one of those big plastic containers before we learned they were not recyclable in our area (at the time). I think we just refilled it with more wipes for a while. Like you, we mostly used cloth wipes, so I really only bought maybe three packs of wipes ever. Too bad one of them had to be in that awful container!

    Thanks for joining us for TGT again!

  2. Those are great ideas. I especially like #6 and #23. My son keeps some small cars in one. I have craft supplies in another. I usually just buy refill wipes, though so I have wipes in a couple boxes still.

  3. These are great!! I still have some of those containers b/c I couldn't throw them away. I'll need to try the yarn one.


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