Tuesday, October 7, 2008

DIY: Halloween Costumes

Spongebob Squarepants - this is what Breck is going for as Halloween this year! (he's been the same frog for the past two years...poor kid.) And here's how I did it...for $0.00! :D

(forgive the terrible picture! Breck wouldn't stand still!!!)

  • 1 box (we used a copy paper box (stuff we got off of freecycle was in it) And it was the perfect size for a toddler!...well, our toddler....he's kinda small.)
  • Yellow paint (kindly supplied by our neighbor who's wife hates the color yellow)
  • a paint brush
  • scissors and/or a knife/box cutter (I love steak knives for cutting boxes....works like a charm!)
  • paper in the following colors: white, brown, black and red
  • spray adhesive
  • gray and brown markers
  • stick on velcro


Step 1: Measure and Cut
Cut one of the short sides off of the box. This is now the bottom of your costume.

Now, take some "approximents"...that's approximate some measurements....for the arm and face holes. I put Breck inside the box and guessed at where these holes should go! I drew circles to mark where to cut.

Using your cutting utensil of choice, cut out the arm holes and a hole for the face.

(NOTE: I did NOT cut the 'front' part of the box off! Since I'm using a copy paper box, I just took the lid off so Breck could fit in there easier!)

Step 2: Paint it Yellow!
(enough said)

Step 3. Spongebob Comes to Life!

Here's where you transform your yellow box into Spongebob by adding black dress shoes, white tube socks, brown shorts, a black belt, white dress shirt and a red tie. And don't forget the gray circles and freckles! No need to draw the face....your child's face will be where Spongebob's is.

Here's a run-down of what I did for each component, in order:

white dress shirt: white scrapbook paper cut to size and glued on

brown shorts: brown paper bag cut to size and glued on

black belt: black scrapbook paper cut into small rectangles and glued on

red tie: red scrapbook paper cut to size and glued on

freckles: brown marker

gray circles: gray marker

white tube socks: used Breck's regular socks!

black dress shoes: ummm....well....they're girl shoes. A gal Seth works with (hi Barb!) so very generously gave us a ton of her daughter's old clothes for Rowan and these were in the pile and happen to be Breck's shoe size.

Step 4. Secure the lid to the box.

This is where the velcro comes into play! I found that Breck would easily (and quickly) pull the lid/front of the costume off. So, to trap him in there, I put sticky-backed velcro on the top as shown above. Just these two pieces do a really good job of securing the lid/front onto the body!

Here are a few links to more DIY costumes:


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  1. I love, love, love this!!!! My kids are going to be so jealous. They love Spongebob!

    Also, please tell Seth that we are sorry about his uncle.


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