Tuesday, October 14, 2008

DIY: Christmas Countdown - Tote Bag

10Weeks Until Christmas!

Every Tuesday until Christmas (well, Dec. 23rd to be exact) I will post a thrifty DIY gift idea! Some of these ideas will be from past posts, some will be new. (I meant to start my countdown at 12 weeks, but didn't realize it was already so close to Christmas! So, we'll just start at 10 weeks! :) )

Thrifty Gift #10: A Customized Tote

This is one easy tote to make! I found the tutorial at The Purl Bee, so I won't re-write the steps. The tutorial is rather lengthy, but that's because it's thorough. Don't let it scare you! If I can make this, so can you!

Here's my finished bag:

I wanted to show you just how spacious this tote really is! And since it's made of linen, it folds up a LOT smaller than it's canvas counterparts!

Gifting Tip: Fill this bag with goodies you know your recipient will love!

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