Sunday, October 5, 2008

Creative Recycling: Peanut Butter Jars

Ok, I'm gonna give it to you straight - I'm running out of ideas, here! I know y'all are there. Lurking. Reading. Not commenting. So now it's time to get involved! :)

What items do you have piling up in your house? What are some of your "I might be able to use this someday" things you're holding onto, but haven't yet found a use for? I challenge you to comment with 3 things that are taking up space in your home....let's make them earn that space!

And now back to our regularly scheduled post...

Snow Globe

Painting "Helper"

Storage for Food Gifts: cookies, brownie mix, etc.

Sand Art

Leftovers container....lets you see what's in them!

And here's a smart way to keep the lids with the jars!


  1. Okay...
    1. Big Brown Paper Sacks: I always have them put my cold stuff in the paper bags and just can't bring myself to throw them away. Yes, I use them to carry things from one place to the other, but I still have tons.

    The next 2 may or may not be what you consider recycable items, but these are things I can't seem to part with and are just taking up space.
    2. Vases: I have too many. All shapes and sizes and cannot seem to get creative. I actually used one of them as a rolling pin the other day, because mine is still packed away, and it actually worked great, but that is only one...
    3. Sweaters: I keep thinking, "Oh, I will where this!" Of course I don't and know I should take them to Goodwill but just think some of the patterns or so neat I will do something eventually with them, and then you got it, don't.

  2. I use empty peanut butter jars as jelly feeders for Baltimore orioles. I fill them with grape jelly and hang them with wire from shepherd's crook garden hangers. The lids, however, go into the trash.

    Vases can go back to the florist. We gave a large box full of used vases to Joy who owns Clay Center Floral. She was glad to come get them at our house.

  3. I reuse my brown paper sacks for my weekly recycling of newspaper, junk mail, etc. and then you just toss the entire sack into the recycle bin and it makes a nicer clean up for the recycle dumper person.

  4. Tammy (momtocolinnavery)October 8, 2008 at 10:12 AM

    Plastic Gallon Ice Cream Containers- We just emptied one and I was thinking, what can I use this for? Here are some ideas...

    1) Halloween trick or treat bag-paint it and it's perfect b/c it has a handle and a lid!!

    2) Cars container- with 2 boys this is a great place for small cars so they aren't lost all over the house

    3) Crayon container- they get lost easily too around here, this is nice b/c of the lid and handle

    4) Sock container- I never have enough room for all the boys' socks so I can stuff some in here and put them away in the closet

    5) Arts and crafts kit- markers, sidewalk chalk, paint, etc.

    6) Samples- great place for stuffing all those free samples!!

    This list could go on and on but you get the idea, these have a lot of great uses!


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