Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday!

Free Alternative to Nursing Pads

OK, I admit, this will sound a little.....unsophisticated, ghetto, white trash.....but it is a FREE way to get nursing pads! Are you ready? Use pantyliners.

One day, I found myself in desperate need of nursing pads (I was all out and let-down was knocking on my door!) so, I thought about it and decided that there's no reason why I can't cut a pantyliner (or regular pad) in half and use that! They're made to be absorbent, already have a sticky side on them, and while not round, they cover enough to do the job!

So, how do you get them for free??? Kotex often issues coupons for the Sunday inserts that are $1/1 and Walmart conveniently sell the small packs for.....guess how much....$1.00!

For many, many, many more tips, go to Works for me Wednesday at Rocks In My Dryer!


  1. Great idea! Although I'm not a Walmart shopper I do have a nice stash of pantyliners from CVSing.

  2. What I used with my first baby, when I had a lot of leaks, was his little tiny washcloths. Granted, you can't wear any tight tops if you try this method, but if you wear a loose top the little bit of bulk won't show. It worked for me!

  3. That's a good idea. I am due next Tuesday although today's contractions indicate that our baby might be meeting the world before then...I will keep this in mind if I run out!

  4. That is a great idea! I have so many of these from getting them free at Wal-Mart, thanks for sharing!


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