Monday, September 1, 2008

Just Call Me Awesome...

After finding a bunch of cool blogs owned by very ambitious women/wives/mothers, I was feeling a bit of time-envy. And then I realized that I just have to schedule my time better and I, too, can be one of those crazy women who gets a gazillion things done in one day!

And because I'm pretty proud of myself for getting so much done....I am going to torture enthrall you with my to-do list from yesterday and today (yes, I actually accomplished all of this!):
  1. Clean & organize the refrigerator
  2. Clean & organize the freezer
  3. Juice the rest of our limes (about 5 of them....and it was done by cool juicing gadget for this gal...yet)
  4. Sweep and scrub the kitchen floor....with bleach and by was too dirty for the crappy Swiffer WetJet to do any good.
  5. Take out the trash
  6. Sort and snap green beans, take the beans out of the overgrown pods to dry (will use those in chili this fall!)
  7. Pick the rest of the green beans and cucumbers
  8. Wash and fold laundry (3 loads)
  9. Make cookies
  10. Load, unload, load dishwasher and wash the ones that can't go in there by hand
  11. Start homemade fruit roll-ups (watch for the post on this in the next day or two!)
  12. Recycling and compost scraps to their designated bins
  13. Clean off the top of the dryer (sounds easy enough, but this is a catch-all space for us...lotsa junk)
  14. Organize meds that are by the microwave
  15. Make a trip to Walgreens (where I made $6.46! I went in and spent $8.54 and walked out with $15 in'll see it Saturday)
  16. Call my Grandma Hildreth
  17. Create and order a photobook
  18. Enter the Coke codes Josh so kindly brought down for us (btw Josh...I'll have 2 coupons for free Powerade in the next few weeks for you)
  19. And last but not
And then there's the normal cooking of meals and feeding Rowan approximately every 2 hours...and helping Breck put in another movie that won't play because he scratched the daylights out of it. And I took care of both kids yesterday by myself for the entire day....Seth went golfing and then to his Fantasy Football Draft and then poker after that....he left around 9:30am yesterday and got home around 8:30am this morning.

Organized Home
is a website with tons of great printable list templates to keep you on-task and...well...organized!

(Like the little to do list graphic? I made it. :) )

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