Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Burp Cloths: A Sewing Project

When Rowan was born, my friend Lindsay fancied up some burp cloths to match the onesies she made. Needless to say, I much preferred the prettiafied burp cloths to my old plain white ones. (hey, if George W. can make up words, so can I!) So, I was inspired to make some more on my own. My first one was bad. The second was better, but still had problems. And my third try was not a charm. Despite my errors, I will call it a success because I learned. (And the burp cloths don't look too bad from a distance!)

...I'm sure that if/when I make a fourth, it will be complete perfection...

Here are a couple easy directions to make your own prettiafied burp cloths:
A Chelsea Morning
Make and Takes

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