Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Wild Morning

Today was the first time we've been able to go to a meetup with the Topeka sahm group I recently joined. And we went to the Zoo! ....where I looked like a slob because the shirt I was wearing got drenched in spit-up right before we left and the only other shirt that fit and matched the skirt I was wearing (why was I wearing a skirt? Because I wanted to feel like a girl today) was dirty. So, I put it on anyway since we were already running late...imagine that! And in the car I noticed it had a small stain on it at the bottom and I had a new stain stick in the diaper bag! (my lucky day!) So, I put that on it and 20 minutes little stain was a BIG stain! The entire area where I applied the stain stick was now yellow....on my white shirt...grrr! (it was the one made by Oxiclean, btw) So, we arrive about 10 minutes late (there was a detour that took me nowhere, so I had to backtrack to where I was going to turn in the first place!), but other moms were later than us which made me feel much better! There were about six other moms with kids roughly the same age as Breck.....except theirs listened to and minded their mothers. Mine? Ran far ahead at every chance and screamed and kicked when I finally got him wrangled into the stroller. Rowan was hungry...and of course crying...and there weren't many shady out-of-the-way benches to nurse her. So, I found a shady spot, gave her a quick snack and we were able to catch back up with the group. I did manage to get in about 2 minutes of adult talk! Yay!

After the Zoo, we took lunch to Grandma was supposed to be Wendy's but I couldn't find one, so we ended up eating McDonald's....oh well. And Breck threw a fit when we were getting ready to leave (it was nap time), so I didn't get to stop at CVS for any good deals :( ...they would have had to be giving away free Corvettes for me to stop with him acting like that!

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