Friday, August 8, 2008

Hands OFF, Lady!

Why is it that some people, and I'm talking strangers, think they have any right or unspoken permission to touch babies???? I NEVER had that problem when Breck was a baby and just this week, I've had one lady working at the grocery store (touching money, meat blood, who knows what else!) scoot Rowan up in her car seat, while my back was turned and without asking - we were at self check-out - because she was crying. (you can be sure she's on my list!) Another woman, behind us in the check-out line at Walmart, asked if I wanted her to hold Rowan while I finished checking out! No! Are you kidding me?! And of course there are the scattered old women who "just love babies" and the little kids who want to look, and sometimes touch the baby (the innocent requests don't bother me, unless I'm in a hurry)....maybe it's a baby girl thing? But more likely, it's that also having a 2 year old makes me less able to protectively hover over Rowan as I did with Breck. I'm sure all these women are just trying to help, but they also need to know when it's inappropriate to do so.

There are just way too many bad people in this world who do bad thing to can call me overprotective or paranoid, but you can also call my kids safe.

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  1. I had that all the time with my baby girl! I did say don't touch her face one time to a stranger [who did give me a horrendous look] but I didn't want to get her sick. they also rub her hair a lot.


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