Sunday, August 31, 2008

Creative Recycling: Tin Cans

1. Lanterns, of course! I'm thinking of lining our walkway with them this winter. Or, if you're really ambitious, you can turn them into lampshades! Here are some impressive ones.

Here's my attempt at a lantern:

2. Herb garden

3. Stilts

4. Stylish storage - HGTV has some pretty clever (and dare I say stylish) ideas for upcycling those tin cans!

5. Ice "cubes" - Fill your can with water, freeze (duh!) and use the giant ice cubes in pitchers and coolers! Yesterday we tailgated and I put one in the pitcher of Kool-Aid. (see it...there at the top?) Our drink stayed cold all the way through pre-game tailgating and the first half of the the trunk of our car!

(Note: you may need to run cold water over the bottom and sides of the can to loosen the ice)

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