Sunday, August 17, 2008

Creative Recycling: Plastic Bottle Caps

As I started thinking about what the item for the week would be, I came up with a quick list of items I know we throw away on a regular basis that our recycling center does not accept. And plastic lids were at the top. Here are some creative uses for these items:

1. Pin Cushions using small lids, such as water bottle, milk or juice lids. (I know, sounds kind of blah....but click through to see pictures of them...pretty cute!)

2. Hamburger patty separator using bigger lids from butter tubs, cool whip, etc. Season and form your patties, place each on a plastic lid, stack and freeze in a freezer bag! Handy for the make-ahead-of-time cook. (yes, I know that plastic wrap does the same thing...but these posts are all about reusing something that would otherwise end up in the landfill! ;) )

3. Mosaic pieces - Use small lids (water or pop bottles work best as they have the best colors!) in place of tiles for your mosaic pieces. Hobby Lobby (or any craft store, really) sells neat stepping stone kits that these lids would look cute in!

4. I'm planning on making a wreath for Halloween from the lids of Gatorade and Powerade bottles! (they're black and orange)

5. Homemade watercolor paint holders and when you're done, use those colorful caps to make a different kind of art!

6. Clock

I know not everyone has a desire for this kind of thing, so if you're still wanting a way to recycle those caps, take them to an Aveda salon! Odd, I know! But, Aveda will repurpose those caps into new packaging...pretty cool. You may want to call to be sure your nearest store is participating before you load up and go! Here's their store finder, complete with phone number.

Next Week: Magazines

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