Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bring On The Cats!

Kick off to the 2008 football season! (literally)
Let's start our night at the beginning...
Breck was lookin' like one cool Cat and ready to cheer!
and what better way to start than some tailgating fun!
Rowan missed out...
but woke up during the game!
Breck, on the other hand, crashed.
but woke up soon enough. He was pretty grumpy and decided what he needed was a sugar fix. And it just so happened that a partially eaten m&m bar was laying on the table of the tailgaters next to, we watched as the two year old wheels turned, knowing full well that simply taking the cookie and eating it would be wrong....he walked around and kept coming back the the same spot: eye level with the bar, he chewed on his shirt while staring at it, and even took me over there.....eventually (and this is, like, 30 minutes later) he was told by one of the tailgaters that they didn't care if he ate the abandoned delicousy...and we didn't care either...(don't worry, we knew the people)

hello, attitude.

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