Friday, August 1, 2008

A Blog Worth Blogging About

For my readers (aka: family and friends!) who enjoy cooking and trying new recipes, you'll want to read this!

You may have noticed a few new sites recently added to my blogroll...Somehow I stumbled upon a really cool blog called "Everyday Food Storage & Preparedness". It is one of the coolest site I have ever visited, as far as cooking blogs go! Crystal, the owner/blogger, shares tons of great cooking ideas from how to sneak veggies into foods so they still taste good to recipes using those run-away veggies from your garden (she recently featured zucchini and yellow squash, much to my delight!) to recipes using what you already have in your cupboard! (my fav is how to make sweetened condensed milk from scratch!)

She always, or almost always, has tons of pictures to go with her posts and every so often will make a video tutorial on how to do something. Being a visual person, this kind of format keeps me coming back!

The other night I made her Broiled Zucchini. It was ok...I'm sure it would have tasted better had I not BURNED IT!!! (I really shouldn't multi-task while broiling!) I'm very seriously thinking about making the Death by Chocolate Zucchini Cake...yes you read it correctly! hmmm...(light bulb ON)....maybe I'll make that for Sunday's family get-together!!!! (yes, I'll still bring the cheesecake!)

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