Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Morning of Fun!

This morning we finally went to a playgroup! It's one for ages birth to 3 years. And there were lots of kids - mostly ages 1 and 2. Breck played pretty well...there were moments of grabbiness and disregard for turn taking, but overall I was pleased with his manners.

They have a bunch of different toys and play areas, including the "home" area which is where Breck spent a majority of the time...heating baby bottles in the microwaves and cooking pizzas in the oven! (he's such a little homemaker...but I wonder where he got the idea to nuke the baby bottles, since he never had a bottle and neither has Rowan...besides, that's not how it's done anymore, is it? I'm completely bottle-illiterate!) He also vacuumed a lot and pushed a baby doll in the stroller!

I did learn something about Breck - he gravitates towards the "bad" kids. Meaning, for example, the kid that crawls onto tables in the play house and then crawls through the window and eggs on others to do the same! At least they were having a good time, right?

Breck had a lot of fun....evidenced by the tantrum when it came time to leave! (A little embarrassing, but what mother hasn't been in that situation?!) So, this will be our new Tuesday morning activity...and after a while, maybe he'll realize we will come back and he'll walk calmly out the door when it's time to go...

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