Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Day Without Breck

It's amazing what can be accomplished without the "help" of a two year old! (Breck's at Grandma & Grandpa Lloyds for a couple days)...and how long of naps Rowan will take when she's not being poked or hit or smothered with blankets!

Today we finally got my car in the shop to have the air conditioning fixed, took Seth to work, Rowan had her 1 month doctor's appointment, she's up to 9lbs 6oz, by the way!, went to the bank, paid our car registrations, stopped at Walgreens and Dillons, filled up with gas for $3.75 (I hate to call that a deal, but anymore it is!), then went to Target and finally home. After lunch, I did some dishes and finished chopping everything for our relish, which we'll can tonight! We canned 10 quarts of green beans last night and only 1 didn't seal...pretty good if you ask me!

Here's a picture of our relish in the raw:

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