Friday, May 30, 2008

What $2.08 Can Buy You At Walgreens...

Who says the economy's bad?!? Today Walgreens has their $10 off a $30 purchase coupon deal going! The $30 is before coupons...and I had a lot of coupons....making my final total $2.08 (I had a -$3.74 subtotal (achieved by stacking store coupons with manuf. coupons) which ate into the $5.82 of tax!)

(3) Schick Quattro Titanium Razor with MP3 Arm Band
(2) Schick Quattro Titanium Razor
(1) Schick Quattro Titanium Trimmer Razor
(1) Bic Soleil Razor
(1) Bic Soleil Razor Cartridge 4ct
(2) Jolly Joe candy
(1) Excedrin PM 24ct
(2) Excedrin Migrain 24ct
(3) Excedrin Back & Body 24ct
(1) Excedrin Extra Strength 24ct
(2) gallon milk
(1) Bubbles
(1) Colgate Total toothpaste
(3) Dried Fruit
(1) Cars bouncy ball
(1) pkg Scrunci Pony tail holders
(1) Mr. Potato Head set
(1) Grill Lighter Set

Most of this stuff is nothing we need (there's only so many razors and so much toothpaste one household can use!) so I'll be selling a lot of it at the next garage sale!


  1. Great deals! I'm mrsfrye from from Vicky's Deals. Do you participate in the Super Savings Saturday post at This post would be great to participate in it tomorrow. What coupons did you use for all of these?

  2. If I remember them all :) they were:

    WAGs coupons:
    $3 May IVC for Titanium razors
    $4 June IVC for Titanium Razors
    $10/$30 (of course)

    Manuf coupons:
    (6) $3 Titanium razor/trimmer
    (7) $2 Excedrin
    (1) Buy a Bic Soleil razor, get 4ct cart free
    (1) $1.50 Colgate (was on clearance for $1.50)

    My store had several Titanium razors on clearance for $5, which gave me about $25 in overage after all WAGs and manuf coupons!


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