Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ace Hardware and More Mailbox Freebies

This past weekend, as a Memorial Day Sale, Ace Hardware had some pretty great deals that all had a full or almost full price rebate!

(2) Cutter Insect Wipes
(1) Blue Coral Car Wash Concentrate
(1) No Touch Tire Cleaner
(1) 6-pk Microfiber Towels
(2) Grants Ant Control Stakes
(1) Terro Ant Killer

After rebates, I only paid $3.24 ($2.26 was tax)

Today's Mailbox Freebies:

Colgate Toothpaste sample (with a $1 coupon)
Degree Men's Deodorant sample
Pledge Multi-Surface Wipes sample (with two $1 coupons for other Pledge products)
$10 off a $10 purchase at JCPenny!! (I love these!!!!! It's the main reason I have a JCP credit card)

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