Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away...

...for now. But it does need to come back periodically so that we don't have to water our landscape, lawn, and garden! The hostas that Grandma Taylor gave us are opening up and will look very nice once fully grown! (As will the day lilies from Lorrie!)

This past Saturday we bought our onion bulbs and got those planted - hopefully we'll get some big onions out of them. A few years ago we started onions from seed, not knowing it would take 2 full years before they would be big enough to harvest!!

This coming Saturday at 10am is the Manhattan Library's annual book sale. I went last year with my mom and it was pretty fun. This year, we'll have to get there right at 10am so we can get all the good books and beat the crowds! Then Saturday night, Seth is having some guys over for his annual poker party....not sure if I'll be playing or not - although I DO have a good excuse for being the only sober player! ;)

Then next Saturday we're having a garage sale! I've been doing a little pricing here and there with all the junk that's cluttering up our office/soon-to-be nursery, but I start to pull things out and then think that I'm really wasting my time, since I can just slap a priced sticker on everything when I set it out!

Then the Saturday after that, I want to get Rowan's room painted and the floors steam cleaned. And I think this will also be the weekend we plant our garden! Mmmm....tomatoes, cucumbers, and green beans, oh my! We've already been brushing up on our canning literature, and this year I think we'll really put thought into companion gardening....and as always, we'll have a no-till garden! It really is amazing how much erosion we don't have on the side that has only been no-tilled as compared to the small part of the garden that was tilled several years's about a 2-inch difference in soil levels!

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