Sunday, April 20, 2008

Our Busy Weekend!

Yesterday all three (well four) of us went to KSU's Open House on campus. Each college had different activities and events going on throughout the day. Our first stop was at Call Hall where they had cows outside getting baths and that's also where they have the ice cream shop! Needless to say, we got some ice cream - and it was delicious!!! Then we walked around and Breck got to pet a baby goat and sheep. He got to see chicks and got a cool egg keychain as well as an egg sticker and balloon! Later, on our walk around campus we got some popcorn, Breck got another sticker - 4H this time - and he got to "play" in a kiddie pool filled with numbered ducks that corresponded to a prize (his 4H sticker). We saw the Marching Cobras (a group of kids that play drums and dance) and then went to the insect zoo...there must have been a whole other part to the zoo, because what we saw was unimpressive, although Seth ate a cricket on a chip while we were there! Then we went to the ag building for lunch (a mediocre BBQ pork sandwich with the worst baked beans we've ever had!). While I was waiting in line to get our food, Seth took Breck to the barn near us where they saw a snake, a rabbit and a llama! About 2 minutes into our walk back to the car, Breck zonked out and slept for four hours!!!

after his nap, Breck went to Grandma and Grandpa Lloyd's to spend the night so we could have our poker party and that went well for Seth and I, since we finished 2nd and 3rd, respectively! There were about 9 people that came, so it was a decent turn out for as small as our house is for these kinds of things.

This morning, Seth and I went to our local garden center (West Side Market) to buy our garden plants! We decided to bump up our planting schedule a week or two, since the forcasted weather looks nice from here on out. (fingers are crossed that it stays that way!) So, in about a month and a half we'll have a nice crop to pick! Things we planted include: 8 slicer tomatoes, 1 grape tomato, 4 bell green peppers, 4 yellow bell peppers, 4 red bell peppers, 1 banana pepper, 4 cucumbers, 1 pickling cucumber, cilantro, pole beans, bush beans, and we already had our onions, lettuce, black berries and strawberries planted.

This evening, Breck dug out the strainer and put it on his head (I had to grab a toothbrush for him since there's a picture of me when I was about his age with a strainer on my head and a toothbrush in my mouth, and I was also pantless!)

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