Sunday, April 27, 2008

Our Weekend....

Garage Sale Report

Yesterday we had our garage sale and I think it went fantastically! Our hours were 9am to 1pm, but we opened up about 20 minutes early. I would have to guess that 70% of our customers bought something, which I think is pretty darned good! Most of my stockpile items flew off the shelves!!! I had 20 family size bottles of Suave for .75 and they were all gone, random air freshener sprays from .50 to $1 and they all sold, I made about $35 on razors alone, made $7 on toothpaste and a few more bucks on toothbrushes, plus I made $8 on dish soap! Oh, and I didn't pay anything for any of it! (No, I did not steal it!!! It was all free after combining sales with coupons and sometimes rebates!) We also sold our old fridge - which we are very happy about! Overall we made a little under $300....not too shabby for 4 hours!


Last night, Gale and Lorrie took Seth, Breck and me out to dinner at Doe's (delicious steak house, for those who don't know!) And Breck was the best I think he's ever been at a restaurant! He sat in his booster seat at the table and at his salad, then a fried biscuit or two (which tastes just like a ball of funnel cake - yum! Why wouldn't anyone be pleased to sit at a table and eat that?!) and then he munched on some fried french fries. (fried is mentioned twice since they are VERY fried!) And for desert - a tab of butter. That's right - a tab of butter!!! He crawled into my lap, reached over to the dish with the butter tabs in it, grabbed one, crawled back into his seat and proceeded to open and eat the butter with his hands. Nothing like a healthy meal to end the day, eh?!

Planting Our Feet?

This morning, we all got up and around early (some earlier than others - I was up at 4am thanks to the pregnant-woman-lack-of-sleep-cycle) so we could try out the morning service at the Methodist Church - 8:45am and very kid friendly. Plus, they have donuts and juice and coffee (thank goodness!) at every service and it's a very relaxed, jeans-friendly, eat-your-breakfast-while-we-worship kind of place. Today they had an atypical service (somehow we always manage to go to the "not our normal service" services when trying a new church) which turned out kind of cool - they had their kids' groups put on a musical about Jonah, so the kids' play was our sermon....Breck sat and ate his donut and watched the play for about half the time. The other half, he just had to go exploring! I think it's safe to say that this kind of service best suits our style and I think we may have found our new church!

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