Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring Is HERE!!!!!

Oh, YAY! My flowers are starting to come up!!! I've been waiting for this since January! I have hyacinths (I think) around our mailbox, firespray tulips along the entry way, sedum throughout the landscape, and surprise lilies on the side of the house. My bleeding heart is also coming up, but barely out of the ground.

It's an absolutely gorgeous day here - sunny and 68 degrees! (Yes, my Iowa friends and family, I am rubbing it in!!!) In addition to clearing some of the old dead plants from the landscape, I also swept and did some organizing in the garage, separated the big tree branches (that we can use in the fire pit) from the smaller dead plants (we have thrown our yard waste into the garden for it to compost), fixed my wind-chime and relocated it behind my bleeding heart bush, finally removed the now-ugly tarp cover I so cleverly sewed for our fire pit, and moved some of the houseplants outside for some fresh air! I'd say it's been a pretty productive day!

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